Thursday, February 23, 2012

her last day

4 years and 3 months after we thought we were loosing our angel, Lexi passed away in the comfort of her home with her mommy and daddy holding her. She was quite simply the best dog ever.

Her disease never brought her down, she was happy and loving to the last, grateful to be here no matter how broken and tired her little body. She gave us her heart and soul and I only hope she knew we have her ours in return.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

THREE YEARS & Counting - Tue, Jan 2011

Stumbled across this blog today and am happy to report that Lexi is heading toward her 15th birthday!!!

She can no longer walk on her own but with help from her people and a rear-harness she can get around all she needs.

She seems happy, loves to chew nylabones and yell at the other dogs when they are naughty.

Her world revolves around her next cookie or meal.

Blessedly we have learned how to keep the pnuemonia at bay and maintain decent tummy health when using antibiotics.

We have all learned to make do with Lexi's limitations and with the help of family and friends made it through some personal crisis recently as well.

Thankfully most of our friends have stopped asking when we will 'put her down' and have come to accept our special needs case that keeps us from leaving the house longer than 5 consecutive hours. And Lexi has taught us more about compassion and kindness than anyone could imagine.

Hoping this post sees everyone well and prospering in the new year 2011!!!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sun Jan 25 2009 - POST ONE YEAR

I think it has been 14 months since our girl Lexi became ill.

She has not fully recovered, but she is happy and mostly healthy.

She spends most of her day asleep (ok, that is the same!!!).

She only volunteers to stand up without assistance from us for food or select company.

However she has remained her same willful self: she knows exactly where she wants to be in the house and it's our job to decode her intent. Sometimes she wants to be on the ottoman, sometimes, the couch, but mostly she wants to go to bed!!! And she will bark and wiggle until one of us figures it out and helps her down the hallway. Sometimes if we are too dense or god-help-us too busy to get her started she will get up on her own and stagger back to the bedroom of her own accord. It's hyserical!!! Although we can't let her fall.

If she has to potty she usually barks until we help her out, although occassionally she just poops without warning or moving.

She barks when she's thirsty but we make her stand up to get water.

She loves to chew nylabones and "yell" at the other dogs. Yes, regained her voice about 4 months ago I think. Alas, we were hoping that wouldn't return ;-) And she loves to hear herself speak!!!

She loves cookie-time before bed most of all.

I would say that she holds 90% of her own body weight about 90% of the time.

Did I mention that she is very happy though?? She smiles and wags and yawns and "wallows" on her back and tries to nest, mostly only succeeding in ripping her bedding.

Life is weird, but good. Most of our friends don't understand why we do this, some of them have become downright annoyed with us for it LOL, but what can I say??? We love our Lexi madly. None of us would have it any other way.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Tuesday, Nov 25 2008

Wow, tonight is the 1 year anniversary of Lexi's disease.

365 days ago we thought we were losing our girl; turned out we were gaining an invalid ;-)

This ordeal has taught us patience, perseverance, and love.

Lexi is thriving, standing on her own, walking outside, and even running every so often. All with our assistance and laughter. She is the sweetest girl ever and we hope to have another wonderful year with her, and another, and another.

Thanks to all that have supported us via email and posts and thoughts and prayers. Your kind wishes have been so very much appreciated.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all, puppy kisses to your pets, and hope that you can find a blessing in something unexpected.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday, Oct 24 2008 - Day 335

Wow, almost a year has gone by since Lexi "went down".

As of today she in now standing UP and walking entirely on her own for breakfast and dinner, sometime to greet company, and has started to jump on the ottoman fully under her own power!!!

We just finished with bout #4 of pnuemonia, and pray that it was our last.

Overall Lexi seems very healthy and totally happy.

We will have to plan something special for the 1 year anniversary. Unbelievable.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday, Aug 14, 2008

We have had a rough 10 days: Lexi had a severe relapse of pneumonia last Monday.

The coughing began at 6:30pm and the first dose of Clavamox was given at 6:35pm. Within hours her temperature skyrocketed to 104 and her breathing worsened with wet attempts to clear her lungs.

By 10pm we were headed to the emergency room. Unfortunately VetCare in Dublin, CA is completely inept and apart from noting her fever of 104.6 they failed to triage or ultimately treat her. To reduce the immediate fever danger I applied cold compresses to her pulse points until her fever broke at 1am. By then though her breathing had increased to almost 60 breathes per minute and we once again sped to the emergency room, this time in Walnut Creek. Encino Emergency Vet treated her immediately.

Her right lung was completely obstructed. IV antibiotics were given and we were on our way home by 4am.

She is much better today, but headed back to the Vet tomorrow for x-rays to see if her lungs are clear. Send good thoughts her way, she is such a sweet girl and this has been so hard for her.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wednesday, June 25 2008

My how fast 214 days fly by ;-)

Lexi has made tremendous progress in the last 7 months. Thinking back to those first seemingly hopeless and overwhelming days, this seems like heaven.

Lexi stood up entirely on her own for the first time on Day 184, almost a month ago. She fell back down and waited for us to help her up and then trotted off with our assistance. Since then she makes the odd attempt here and there to stand on her own, mostly just scoobing around the floor at will.

She was able to stand up and take several steps this week, before falling. Poor girl hurt her leg but that seems better now. Unfortunately she is back on antibiotics due to developing pnuemonia - but we caught it very very early and she is doing fine again.