Thursday, February 23, 2012

her last day

4 years and 3 months after we thought we were loosing our angel, Lexi passed away in the comfort of her home with her mommy and daddy holding her. She was quite simply the best dog ever.

Her disease never brought her down, she was happy and loving to the last, grateful to be here no matter how broken and tired her little body. She gave us her heart and soul and I only hope she knew we have her ours in return.

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lisa said...

My Weimaraner, Jasper, my friend and protector for 11 years was just diagnosed with polyradiculoneuropathy. I am beside myself. He was just put on high does steroids by an excellent canine neurologist who was very honest with my about his prognosis. He is peeing and pooping on the floor, which he has NEVER done...can't get on the bed or sofa by himself...hard to balance himself when he pees/poops....his bark is different....his teeth "chatter" when he gets excited...breathing is rapid and labored when he gets excited, know the drill.
After the steroid regimen, the vet said we could try cyclosporin.
Any advice?