Tuesday, January 11, 2011

THREE YEARS & Counting - Tue, Jan 2011

Stumbled across this blog today and am happy to report that Lexi is heading toward her 15th birthday!!!

She can no longer walk on her own but with help from her people and a rear-harness she can get around all she needs.

She seems happy, loves to chew nylabones and yell at the other dogs when they are naughty.

Her world revolves around her next cookie or meal.

Blessedly we have learned how to keep the pnuemonia at bay and maintain decent tummy health when using antibiotics.

We have all learned to make do with Lexi's limitations and with the help of family and friends made it through some personal crisis recently as well.

Thankfully most of our friends have stopped asking when we will 'put her down' and have come to accept our special needs case that keeps us from leaving the house longer than 5 consecutive hours. And Lexi has taught us more about compassion and kindness than anyone could imagine.

Hoping this post sees everyone well and prospering in the new year 2011!!!!

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