Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday, Aug 14, 2008

We have had a rough 10 days: Lexi had a severe relapse of pneumonia last Monday.

The coughing began at 6:30pm and the first dose of Clavamox was given at 6:35pm. Within hours her temperature skyrocketed to 104 and her breathing worsened with wet attempts to clear her lungs.

By 10pm we were headed to the emergency room. Unfortunately VetCare in Dublin, CA is completely inept and apart from noting her fever of 104.6 they failed to triage or ultimately treat her. To reduce the immediate fever danger I applied cold compresses to her pulse points until her fever broke at 1am. By then though her breathing had increased to almost 60 breathes per minute and we once again sped to the emergency room, this time in Walnut Creek. Encino Emergency Vet treated her immediately.

Her right lung was completely obstructed. IV antibiotics were given and we were on our way home by 4am.

She is much better today, but headed back to the Vet tomorrow for x-rays to see if her lungs are clear. Send good thoughts her way, she is such a sweet girl and this has been so hard for her.


Brooklyn said...

Hi I am sorry to here about Lexi hope she is feeling better, my bull mastiff Brooklyn has just been diagnosed with coonhound paralysis last week and I know we have a long road a head of us I am still in shock over this.

hmwe46 said...

Hi Rhonda,

How is Brooklyn?!? Hope you all are doing well.